Hate Brings Hate

It was rather hard to get through this week’s material. There is so much hate in this world and it only causes more hate. The El Paso Strong video brought tears to my eyes. It is hard to imagine someone having that kind of hate in their heart. Enough anger to purposely take the livesContinue reading “Hate Brings Hate”


No mames wey! A phrase I can use at home or with friends Everyone understands. Until it must be explained A stranger to your home, language, culture “What do you mean its hard to explain? Its just a phrase.” But its not, is it? Sometimes I feel like i am betraying my culture Explaining myContinue reading “Poem”


This week we were asked to pick a poem that resonated with us and to connect with is. The poem that stood out to me the most was, “3 Ways to Speak English” by Jamila Lyiscott. I felt her frustration as she explained the struggles of being a minority. I have always had a differentContinue reading “Language.”

Is it a Joke?

Racial comedy can be a touchy subject. Many people are hesitant to laugh at it while they are also hesitant to say they enjoy it. Personally, I see racial comedy as something that is problematic. Regardless of the race/ethnicity of the person telling the joke, usually a stereotype or slur of negative connotation is theContinue reading “Is it a Joke?”

Is It Appropriation?

This week we looked at Iggy Azalea’s music video/song “Fancy” under the scope of cultural appropriation. Throughout the entirety of the song Azalea uses an accent that mimics that of traditional Southern hip-hop. I personally am on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to deciding whether or not Azalea is appropriating black culture.Continue reading “Is It Appropriation?”

Being Latino

I really enjoyed watching this week’s discussion. Watching this discussion, I related to many points. Right from the start I laughed as most of the participants have a longer name than what they go by. I too choose to go by my “simplified name”. My full name is Chloie Gail Rosalina Stutevillé Trevino, and becauseContinue reading “Being Latino”

Truth in Numbers

Growing up as a first generation Mexican-American there are a lot of beliefs that are passed down. Looking at the data presented in class I do believe that it is one-hundred percent accurate. Growing up my family was very religious. We are catholics and my grandmother made sure we were inside that church every chanceContinue reading “Truth in Numbers”


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